The First Model AIPA

The first Model AIPA conducted on the 25th and 28th of August 2017 in Jakarta. It was implemented in cooperation with the Students Associations of University of Al Azhar Indonesia and BINUS University. With the theme “Border Conflicts Reconciliation and Harmonizing Drugs Trafficking Laws”, the event took place at the House of Representatives of Republic of Indonesia and was attended by 75 students of International Relations from at least ten universities around greater Jakarta area.

On the first day of the event, participants were informed about AIPA and its role in facilitating the achievement of ASEAN goals by representatives of AIPA Secretariat. Further, experts from Centre of Strategy and International Studies, as well as from Indonesia National Narcotics Bureau were presented as speakers to provide insights and useful information that will help the participants in the General Assembly simulation on the next day. Following the original version of AIPA General Assembly, the simulation was preceded with the Executive Committee Meeting to adopt the agenda to be deliberated in the Committee Meetings. There were two committees: political and social. The Political Committee deliberated draft resolution on Border Conflicts Reconciliation, while the Social Committee discussed a draft resolution on Harmonizing Drugs Trafficking Laws.

The event went very well and the students were enthusiastically participating and involving in asking questions, discussing and debating as they were role-playing as member parliaments from 10 ASEAN Member States. AIPA Secretariat also gave two awards certificates to the Best Delegate and the Best Speaker. In the end of the event, the students conveyed their enthusiasts to have another Model AIPA in the future.