Report of The Eighth Meeting of The AIPA Fact Finding Committee to Combat the Drug Menace (AIFOCOM)

05 October 2017


Report of The Eighth Meeting of The AIPA Fact Finding Committee to Combat the Drug Menace ( AIFOCOM )

25 -29 May 2011, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh,

The Kingdom of Cambodia


A. List of Delegates and Participants

B. Program of Activities

C. Agenda Items

D. Welcome Speech by Hon. Post. Dr. Cheam Yeap, Chairperson of the Commission on Economy, Finance, Banking and Audit of the National Assembly of Cambodia and Chairperson of National AIPA Group

E. Opening Speech by SAMDECH AKKA MOHA PONHEA CHAKREI HENG SAMRIN, President of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia and President of AIPA

F. Presentation by the National Authority for Combating Drugs ( NACD )

G. Presentation by the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime in Cambodia  ( UNODC )

H. Presentation by the Current Chairman of ASEAN Senior Officials on Drug Matters ( ASOD )

I. Country Report of Brunei Darussalam

J. Country Report of Cambodia

K. Country Report of Indonesia

L. Country Report of Lao PDR ( not submitted )

M. Country Report of Malaysia

N. Country Report of the Philippines

O. Country Report of Singapore

P. Country Report of Thailand

Q. Country Report of Vietnam

R. Country Report of Myanmar

S. Report of the First AIPA Caucus on the Harmonization of illegal drug law focusing on :
–        The capture and seizure of assets used in or possessed from drug-related cases
–        The control of reactants and precursors
–        The demand reduction interventions

T. Draft Resolution on the Harmonization of Illegal Drug Laws on the Capture and Seizure of Assets used in or possessed from Drug-Related Cases; the Control of Reactants and Precursors and on Demand Reduction Intervention; and the Creation a Technical Working Group

U. Closing Speech by H.E. Mr. Em Sam An, Acting Minister of the Ministry of Interior, the Kingdom of Cambodia

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