Possible Chinese Taipee consular offices in Bali, Cebu

05 October 2017

HONORABLE Andrew Hsia of the Taiwan Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia paid Secretary General Antonio Cuenco a visit at the AIPA Secretariat office in Jakarta last June 22.

Newly assigned, Hsia promised to “officially submit” to his superiors the Secretary General’s request that Chinese Taipee’s consular services be offered in Bali, Indonesia and in Cebu, Philippines.

“For a small country like ours, we have 125 missions. But there are those that are not working…I’m sure more are needed in the Philippines and Indonesia,” he told Hon. Cuenco.

The Secretary General is from Cebu, an island province located in Central Philippines. Both Cebu and Bali are noted for their respective tourism industry.

Hsia said that with the influx of tourists, particularly from Taipee, going to Bali, he needs one consular office there aside from that in Jakarta.

Hon. Cuenco, on the other hand, asked that Taipee’s consular office in Cebu be reopened after it was closed some time ago that left only one, located in Manila, offering service.

“In Viet Nam, we have two (consular offices)—in Ho Chi Minh and in Hanoi. Why not (have) two also in the Philippines and Indonesia? I will officially submit that…. We want closer ties,” Hsia said.

He disclosed that Taipee and the People’s Republic of China, despite their political conflict, have established stronger ties than before through economic cooperation agreements.

China considers Taipee, also called Taiwan, a renegade province, and refuses to recognize it as a separate state.

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