Second AIPA Caucus Report

05 October 2017

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2nd AIPA Caucus Report

AIPA Caucus 2010 Signature Page

List of Delegates

Speaker’s Opening Address


Programme of Activities

Country Reports on Clean Energy:

E(a) Brunei – AIPA Brunei (with Petroleum)

E(b) Cambodia – Country report on Clean Energy

E(c) Indonesia – Clean Energy

E(d) Lao – Country report on clean energy

E(e) Malaysia -Initiatives in Term of Encouraging Clean Energy

E(f) Philippines – Country Report on Clean Energy2

E(g) Singapore 1 – AIPA Country Report on Clean Energy

E(h) Thailand – Revised Country Report (Clean Energy)

E(i) Vietnam – Country Report (Clean Energy)

E(j) Myanmar – Clean Energy(E63-67)

Summary Tables on Encouraging Clean Energy Initiatives:

F(a) Brunei – 2nd AIPA Caucus Submission, Clean Energy

F(b) Cambodia – Table for Clean Energy 1

F(c) Indonesia – Clean Energy

F(d) Laos – Table for Clean Energy 1

F(e) Malaysia – Table for Clean Energy & MTL

F(f) Philippines – Table for Clean Energy 1-5

F(g) Singapore – Table for Clean Energy 1

F(h) Thailand – Table for Clean Energy 1

F(j) Myanmar – Table for Clean Energy 1

Country Reports on Multi-Lateral Trading System:

G(a) Brunei – WTO for AIPA

G(b) Cambodia – Country Report on Multilateral Trade System

G(c) Indonesia 1 – Country Profile on Multilateral Trading System 2

G(d) Lao – Country report on multi-trading system

G(e) Malaysia – Supporting a Multilteral Trading System

G(f) Philippines – Report On Multilateral Trading Systems.2

G(g) Siingapore 1 – AIPA – Supporting the Multilateral Trading System(Final)

G(h) Thailand – Revised Country Report (Multi-Lat Trade)

G(j) Myanmar – Multilateral Trading System

Summary Tables on Supporting a Multi-Lateral Trading System:

H(a) Brunei – 2nd AIPA Caucus Submission,Supporting multi-lateral

H(b) Cambodia – Table for MTL 1

H(d) Laos – Table for Multi-lateral

H(e) Malaysia – Table for Clean Energy & MTL

H(f) Philippines – Table for MTL 1-2

H(g) Singapore – Table for MTL 1-2

H(h) Thailand – Table for MTL 11

H(j) Myanmar – Table for MTL 1

Summary Reports on Status of Implementation of 30th AIPA GA Resolutions:

I(a) Brunei – AIPA Resolutions 1

I(b) Cambodia – AIPA Resolutions 1-4

I(e) Malaysia – AIPA Resolutions 1-2

I(f) Philippines – AIPA Resolutions 1-2

I(g) Singapore – AIPA Resolutions 1-5

I(h) Thailand – AIPA Resolutions 1

I(j) Myanmar – AIPA Resolutions

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