General Assembly

Pursuant to the Statutes, General Assembly is the policy making body and the highest body of AIPA. The General Assembly adopts resolutions on issues of common concern in order to provide inputs to policy formulation. The adopted resolutions are then proposed as legislative initiatives for recommendation to the respective Governments of ASEAN Member States for their consideration.

The General Assembly is composed by five standing committees; Political Committee, Economic Committee, Social Committee, WAIPA (Women Parliamentarians) Committee, Organizational Committee – and Dialogue Session with Observer Members. Discussions in the General Assembly may be held on subjects placed on the agenda by the Executive Committee, and the decisions on any subjects shall be made by consensus.

Convened at least once a year, the General Assembly consists of delegations from each member parliament comprising not more than fifteen (15) members with at least three of the members shall be woman parliamentarians. The delegations are headed by the Speakers or their representatives. The venue of the General Assembly itself is rotated among the Member Parliaments in alphabetical order.