The History of the 2nd AIPA Logo #AIPA40thAnniversary

11 October 2017

Therefore resolution No.16GN95/35 on a New Logo of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization (AIPO) was unanimously adopted by the 16th AIPO General Assembly. It was then introduced as AIPO’s new logo.

The explanation on the AIPO logo design rationale was as follows:

The proposed logo design adopts an abstract visual language with reference to a pure triangular form. The designer’s selection is intended to depict Parliament as the summit of a nation and the epitome of democracy. The tapering equilateral form is stable as well as directional – bearing a distinct upward thrust.

The design also shows a series of continuous strokes on the form which represents the aspirations of AIPO, whose mission is to facilitate concerted efforts for ASEAN to progress towards higher planes.

The colours adopted are yellow, blue and red, which are colours found in all the member states national flags.

The acronym AIPO is in bold to capture the spirit of the next century. The layout is justified to the same width as the base of triangle. This organization of the graphic element generates prompt and focused unity.

The total presentation conveys a simple elegance – memorable and pleasing.


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