The History of the 1st AIPA Logo #AIPA40thAnniversary

11 October 2017

When AIPO was established, all AIPO Members concurred on the use of the first AIPO logo in 1997. The logo was designed in the shape of a pentagon surrounded on the inside by the flags of the original five Member Countries of AIPO. The acronym ‘AIPO’ is placed at the centre.

At the 16th AIPO General Assembly in Singapore and in conjunction with the admission of the Parliament of Vietnam into AIPO, then President of AIPO H.E. Tan Soo Khoon (assisted by the well known Women’s Artist of Singapore) and by mutual consent of the AIPO Member Parliaments, proposed a new logo of AIPO.

The proposal of the new logo was discussed and considered at length by the members of AIPO for a formal adoption as the new logo of AIPO. The then AIPO Member Parliaments opined that the proposed logo truly reflects the aspiration and dynamism of an expanded AIPO.

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