#Indonesia Parliament prepares for Saudi King Salman’s visit

11 October 2017

Saudi King Salman bin Abulaziz Al-Saud attends the first Gulf Cooporative Council’s (GCC) ” GCC British Summit”, in Sakhir Palace Bahrain, December 7, 2016.

The House of Representatives is working to ensure that everything is well-organised for the visit of King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Saudia Arabia.

The House’s secretariat general said the legislative body had coordinated with the Saudi kingdom’s protocol affairs office to find out all the things King Salman might need during his visit.

The secretariat general further said that the House had started to beautify the House complex for the king. King Salman will visit Indonesia from March 1 to March 9.

Damayanti, the secretariat general’s deputy chairman for hearings, said physical preparations to welcome King Salman would take place over two weeks. “Meanwhile, other preparations have already been completed,” she said as quoted by kompas.com at the House complex in Jakarta on Saturday.

To assist the king, the House will install a portable ramp in front of the Nusantara Building. Built in 1968, certain parts of the Nusantara Building are not friendly to the elderly and people with disabilities. King Salman is 81 years old. “The king walks slowly. It’s more comfortable for him to walk with a ramp. Personnel from the kingdom’s protocol affairs office have checked the ramp and it’s all correct,” said Damayanti. She further explained that King Salman also required clean toilets. King Salman will use a special toilet similar to the one used by the President. A room containing medical equipment has also been prepared, she added.

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