23 Southeast Asia Vacations You Can Take While Paying Off Your Student Loans

11 October 2017

If you’re looking to go on the adventure of a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Southeast Asia. After spending some time in this unique place, I quickly discovered why it draws in travelers from all over the globe. This dreamy destination is the perfect place for backpackers, as it is relatively safe, inexpensive and easy to navigate. But most importantly, this location is filled to the brim with all sorts of action-packed adventures and unforgettable experiences.

The Far East is home to busting cities, beautiful islands boasting world-renowned beaches, tropical jungles, ancient cultures and natural wonders. So whether you’re into sipping piña coladas on a beach, exploring coral reefs, riding elephants in the jungle or checking out a variety of incredible ancient temples, Southeast Asia offers a wide variety of attractions that are sure to suit every type of traveler out there.

Plus, this beautiful region is also pretty flexible when it comes to your budget. You can stay at inexpensive hostels, hit up the local food markets and sip on Asia’s infamously cheap beer to stretch your dollars.

Or you can ball out at top-notch hotels with five-star accommodations for a fraction of what you’d normally pay in Europe or the United States. However, I should probably warn you: Once you step off the plane, you’ll never want to go back home. Check out the pictures below to see the destinations that should definitely be on your South East Asia bucket list.

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